Secure token and liquidity
locking solution on DeFi

TokenLocker allows to securely lock and manage your liquidity, project tokens, and NFTs.

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Liquidity Locker

Foster trust and boost trading activity through our transparent liquidity locks.

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Token Locker

Enhance your project's transparency and credibility by securely locking team tokens.

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Token Vesting

Let your investors, advisors and employees get paid automatically, without you having to lift a finger.

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NFT Locker

Lock your NFTs to showcase your confidence in the collection.

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Frequently asked questions

Its a tool that allows you to lock your DEX liquidity, team token, NFTs to show confidence to your invistor and community members.
How to use
Is it a safe tool?
Where can I manage my created lock?
Can I test it on a Testnet?
Which chains does your dApp support?
Which dexs does your dApp support for liquidity locking?
How much time does a lock creatation take?
Which wallets can I use?
How can I get in touch?